In the beginning

NetObjects Fusion EssentialsDainwood Great Danes have been around since circa 1975.

Our long journey began with Simon, a much less than perfect Dane from a very unreputable source. Mistake number one, we purchsed him (at a greatly inflated price) because felt sorry for him.

The learning curve from that day forth has been epic. We fell totally in love with the breed that took over our lives.

Simon was a larger than life character and during his 10 year rule, made quite an impression, both good and bad, on everyone he came into contact with.

Our adventure continued with many years of showing, judging, breeding and now in 2016, we realise that it is time to downsize our Dane family over the next few years.

My name is Dy Duncalf and I hope to be able to put together an insight into what we are about.and offer information that may be of use to new Dane owners.

It may be quite a while but once it is completed - Browse our Web site for more information about Dainwood Great Danes. If you have any questions or would like to speak with me or arrange a visit, please e-mail at or call 01777 702918.


Our litters are also advertised on Champdogs

Old Dog Pics015
Old Dog Pics005

Above:- Boo, Simon, Ben, Sindy.

Top left:- The infamous Simon and his pet oil drum

Below:- Ben my first entry into the show world.

Our first Danes

As you can see we couldn’t stop at one.

Welcome to Dainwood