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Dainwood Great Danes




 2015 PUPS



Arrived 13th MAY 2015

2 Black Bitches still available











2014 PUPS



Fawns & Brindles


Our brindles .. they are here.. it's been a couple of years since the last


Our recent web crash meant we lost many of our emails relating to Puppy enquiries. Anyone still not been notified please get in touch again.




..... BLUES .....

20th JANUARY 2014



email: Blues 2014




FAWNS  2nd JULY 2013


This is a repeat mating of the three boy pups from February 2012 ... click here to view the 2012 pups







Pups arrived 3rd April ~ 5 boys & 5 girls






You are more than welcome to come and meet our Danes and discuss the breed.

Visits are Strictly by appointment.


 We are here to help you decide whether or not a Great Dane is for you. If your are put off the breed or purchase one elsewhere that's fine - we have done our job.

We confidently offer our babies for sale in the hope that they will find their forever homes.

If we have puppies available, there is no obligation to buy. If we have doubts about your suitability we will tell you.


PLEASE phone before setting off to let us know you are still coming and to confirm your ETA.  To avoid a wasted journey - If you are delayed please let me know. I may not be able to change my plans and could be unavailable at a later time.


It never ceases to amaze me how many people make appointments and just don't turn up - my time is precious and I so hate to waste it - it is disrespectful and just plain bad manners - it only takes a phone call / text / email to cancel that appointment so that I can get on with the rest of my life.



 It is not a good idea to arrive in your best clothes. Our dogs are not kept in immaculate show cases, they are first and foremost our pets and companions, what you might in fact call "free range". Introductions to visitors can be very "paws on". Rolling in the mud, playing in the stables & muck heap etc are great fun so slobber and mud are the norm here - especially in winter. If the thought of this puts you off don't buy a Dane  


Great Danes have been our life for over 37 years, during which time we have successfully combined German, Scandinavian and English bloodlines and are dedicated to breeding and showing Great Danes of outstanding quality with superb temperaments. Our breeding program is aimed not at the commercial market but at establishing maintaining our bloodlines for years to come.


We are proud to have produced our Champion, CC, top award & Best In Show winners. Great Danes that in turn have produced and sired successful show stock.


Would you like to belong to a Great Dane?


If you are looking for a puppy or perhaps you could provide a home for an adolescent or adult Great Dane? 

We confidently offer puppies & home reared youngsters for sale, either for the serious exhibitor or purely as companions. We also have the occasional youngster or adult Great Dane returned to us for re-homing.

If you need help, advice or further information about our Great Danes, waiting lists, reserving a puppy, deposits required etc. please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Directions and Contact Details



We no longer accept cheques  -  so to make life easier for everyone, we have just introduced a debit/credit card facility.



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